(The Mother)
(The Father)
Several years ago we
started a new program
with our puppies.  We were
told about this by another
breeder and are  very
excited about it as we very
much care to raise
supreme puppies.  The
program is called "Early
Neurological Stimulation"
which was developed by
the US Military as a part
of their canine program.  It
is a series of very easy
little exercises that can be
done with puppies
starting from day 3 to day
16 of age.  The benefits
determined by testing this
process are
1.  Improved cardio
vascular performance
(heart rate)
2.  Stronger heart beats.
3.  Stronger adrenal
4.  More tolerance to stress
5  Greater resistance to
6   Intelligence
These little exercises are
very simple and only take a
minute or two a day and
have excellent results.
Male 1
Beautiful Boy
Full Collar and very friendly.
Female 1(Moose)
Very Pretty Girl. Very, Very friendly. Not
quite a full collar..  
Male 2
Very sweet and playful. Has full collar.  Beautiful!!!!!
Female 3 (FLICKA)
She looks like a twin to female 4. They are very sweet.  And
Male 4
He is the other little one... Very,
Very sweet.  
Rascal... :) Is a Very sweet little boy. Will be a
good herding dog. He does have a full collar.
Ricka the other twin...
Hershey!!! Very Friendly. She doesn't have a full collar.
This is Berachah's Scout.  Scout is double register with AKC
and CkC.  He is a very intelligent and good natured dog.  He
has a very sweet nature and loves people!!  I call him, Foo
Foo comes to the country:-)   He is so cute running around
the farm and loves it here!!  
The mommie of our adorable Bordoodle puppies is
Berachah's Isabella Della. " Izzie" is such a sweetie.  She is a
full coated Border Collie and is double registered with the
American Border Collie Assoc.  ABCA and CKC.  She is from
a long line of working dogs, she is extremely sweet,
intelligent and just plain precious.  She is the granddaughter
to our working Border Collie, Della who was with us on the
farm for 13 years.  We love her dearly!!!
Now announcing our first litter
of Bordoodle puppies.
   After over
20 years of breeding Golden Retrievers,
several litters of Border Collies and more
recently Goldendoodles, WE now have our
first litter of Bordoodles.  Oh my!!!  Are they
ever adorable!!  We are very excited about
this new breed.  Bordoodles have the loyal,
intelligent, herding instinct of the Border
Collie and the intelligence and sweetness of
the Standard Poodle.  AND they will be very
low  shedding,  They have very beautiful
curly coats.  They will be very easy to train in
agility, frisbee throwing and fetching,
herding, obedience, therapy or anything you
want to do.  This combination of breeds can
produce some of the most loyal and loving
family pets!! They are so smart, sweet and
Red is a very fluffy, sweet , and
lovable little boy..
Blue boy is not as fluffy,
extremely friendly..
Black Boy is Very fluffy, lad back, loves
people. He has white on his chest..
This is my last little girl.... She is adorable.
She is very fluffy,  and very sweet..