We now want to introduce you to our Golden
Retriever females.  First we want to introduce
"Berachah's Chamomile "T", our Millie!!!.  Millie is
a very intelligent Golden and is very delightful and
sweet.  Then we have our Ivy and Molly.  Ivy and
Molly are litter mates and are the daughters of
Honey and our Copper.  They are from a line of
multiple Champions and OFA dogs. Blue Bell is
also a daughter of Honey and Chipper who is a
son of our Copper.  Daffy is a daughter of our
sweet Leo, Leo is son of Copper. Lady is a dark
Golden that I acquired from my friends in
Tullahoma TN.  She is a pure delight.  Our girls
have OFA/Champion dogs in their lineage. All of
our females produce absolutely beautiful, sweet
puppies. We have so much fun with all of them
and love them soooo much!!  We know you will
In loving memory of:
"Berachah's Golden Daisy"
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In loving memory of:
Berachah's Golden Gilley
In loving memory of:
Berachah's Golden Rosey
In loving memory of:
Berachah's Misty Morning
In loving memory of:
Princess Brandi of Dakota
"Berachah's  Chamomile T"
Berachah's Ivy Bluff
Berachah's Mountain Laurel